Bryan Funk, Former Director of Design @ Tovuti LMS

Founders first 5 through Series B

My journey through sweat-equity ownership, to exit. The pivot from Designer to Developer. And my search for the next Unicorn.

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Design, Development, Data Modeling, Auth, RLS from dev and test to production and distribution releases a traditional Product Designer can understand.

Prodkt is a personal identity campaign that celebrates professional growth, creativity, and commitment to solving real-world problems. It is a testament to dedication to personal growth and the ability to adapt to new challenges. Throughout the professional history, it has consistently demonstrated a passion for innovation and a drive to push the boundaries of what is possible.

What is Prodkt?

Reimagining the concept of personal identity, Bryan Funk has created an innovative approach that is truly one-of-a-kind. Through his personal brand called Prodkt, he develops exploratory open-source projects that tackle real industry challenges. Each project is crafted as a unique application or solution, forming its own distinct child brand under the Prodkt umbrella. These child brands are represented by hypothetical marketing and sales teams, effectively showcasing Bryan's diverse skill set.

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  • Leveln' Diabetes UI kit
  • Explor UI kit
  • Signal UI kit

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  • Tovuti stack
  • Remix LXP stack
  • Signal stack

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