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Bryan Funk

Design Director, currently searching for my next challenge

prodkt prodkt
Bryan Funk


Welcome to Prodkt

Reimagining the concept of personal identity, Bryan Funk has created an innovative approach that is truly one-of-a-kind. Through his personal brand called Prodkt, he develops exploratory open-source projects that tackle real industry challenges. Each project is crafted as a unique application or solution, forming its own distinct child brand under the Prodkt umbrella. These child brands are represented by hypothetical marketing and sales teams, effectively showcasing Bryan's diverse skill set.

By presenting his work in this groundbreaking manner, Bryan not only demonstrates his expertise but also offers a glimpse into his professional journey. Instead of relying on conventional methods like resumes or CVs, he tells his story through fully visual, interactive, and functional concept apps. These concept apps not only showcase Bryan's capabilities, but also provide valuable resources such as accommodating Figma design libraries, style dictionary configs when taking cross-platform approaches, and even dedicated brand guidelines.

Moreover, Bryan ensures that each concept is accompanied by up-to-date technical documentation. Whether it is a work in progress, open beta, or a finalized concept, users can access all the necessary information to understand and utilize the applications. This commitment to detail and transparency highlights Bryan's dedication to providing high-quality products that meet the needs of real industries.

In summary, Bryan Funk's pioneering personal identity campaign celebrates his professional growth, creativity, and commitment to solving real-world problems. Bryan's journey to becoming a developer is a testament to his dedication to personal growth and his ability to adapt to new challenges. Throughout his professional history, he has consistently demonstrated a passion for innovation and a drive to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Code Blocks Soon

  • Headers
  • Hero sections
  • Feature sections
  • CTA sections
  • Content sections
  • Team sections
  • Social Proof
  • Testimonial sections
  • Footers

Design Soon

  • Prodkt UI kit
  • Tovuti UI kit
  • Remix LXP UI kit
  • Leveln' Diabetes UI kit
  • Explor UI kit
  • Signal UI kit

Stack Soon

  • MacOS stack
  • Windows stack
  • Tovuti stack
  • Remix LXP stack
  • Signal stack

Flows Soon

  • New User Experience
  • Account Management
  • Commerce & Finance
  • Social
  • Content
  • Miscellaneous

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