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Bryan Funk


Setup of a traveling Designer, Developer and how I keep efficient.

Over the past few years of traveling, I have received many questions about my workstation setup. If you know me, you have likely seen some of the elaborate accommodations I use. This might come as a surprise to you. If I have visited your site or worked with your team on a project, you have probably witnessed some of the challenges I face. Traveling frequently for business brings a variety of efficiency issues, especially with the added elements of rapid growth, team building, and managing business objectives. Finding time to meet the increasing demand for output can be quite challenging.

As travel started to resume after the pandemic, I realized that the comforts of a home office could not be replicated on the road. The environment I have created for myself to maximize efficiency in terms of technology standards and comfort level was difficult to maintain while traveling. I recognized that the most important factors for me were mobility, access to my tools quickly, and maintaining a continuous level of productivity. It took some time, but once I found what worked best for me, I felt more comfortable.

I made intentional choices to have identical configurations for my main office, home office, travel equipment, and laptop. This consistency was crucial for me as I often move rapidly, sometimes faster than the machine itself depending on the scope of my work. In addition to focusing on factors like storage space and expandability, I emphasized portability to create an efficient travel workstation.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Here is a list of the setup I have ended up with, which I now find more comfortable than any other configuration I have used in the past.

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Stack Soon

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