About me

I'm in search for the next great challenge,

with great people, and purpose, building kick-ass technology.

Finding that pairing can be rare, something you may not even have yet, or ever been apart of. I've navigated my life and career on gut, and good people. From there if we build damn good product, humble and motivated teams than growth is no question.

Bryan Funk

Frontend Technologist

bryan.funk@prodkt.cloud 208-954-4981
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Building the Foundation

Aware the initial stages can be the most challenging, they establish the foundation for what lies ahead. The choices made within the first or second year of a business shape the path it will follow in the years to come.

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The Power of Choice

Actively engaging ambitious Founders and CTO's with a blend of vision, talent, courage and magnetism determined to build innovative software for the future. I see these type of connections as the crowning of a partnership, not employment.

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Privilege and Responsibility

Participating in the process of forming a team, developing products and channels, attracting initial clients and investors, and tackling other crucial aspects during the early stages of a company is both a privilege and a significant responsibility.

Code Blocks Soon

  • Headers
  • Hero sections
  • Feature sections
  • CTA sections
  • Content sections
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  • Footers

Design Soon

  • Prodkt UI kit
  • Tovuti UI kit
  • Remix LXP UI kit
  • Leveln' Diabetes UI kit
  • Explor UI kit
  • Signal UI kit

Stack Soon

  • MacOS stack
  • Windows stack
  • Tovuti stack
  • Remix LXP stack
  • Signal stack

Flows Soon

  • New User Experience
  • Account Management
  • Commerce & Finance
  • Social
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  • Miscellaneous

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